How to start investing my money through crowdlending

There are many methods where we can invest our money from investing in the stock market to invest in gold or debt of your own country. But in recent years it has been especially important to invest in crowdlending. In this article, you will know what is relief from creditors.


What is the investment in crowdlending?

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Crowdlending is a method through which companies and individuals get financing through loans funded directly from private investors. All managed by a crowdlending platform such as MytripleA.

In exchange for lending their money, investors get attractive returns for their money while companies get the financing they need.

The request for the financing of the company is studied by the risk department of the platform and if approved, it is published in the Market section. That’s where everyone who wants can lend from € 50. Once the amount requested by the company is completed, the loan is signed and the company will return the money along with the interest generated to the investors who have participated in monthly installments.


How to start investing money in crowdlending?


Now that you know what it is, we are going to describe how to start investing through this method.


Before you start investing, identify the platform that interests you most

For this, take into account the seriousness and transparency provided by each platform. It is also important to know if the platform charges some kind of commission to investors. It will also be necessary to make sure that the platform has the necessary licenses to operate and, therefore, is within the law.


REMINDER: Law 5/2015 establishes the indispensable condition for all crowdlending platforms to have a Participatory Financing Platform License granted by the CNMV.

MytripleA has the # 3 license as a Participatory Financing Platform granted by the CNMV and is also the only one that has the Payment Institution License granted by the Bank of Spain. It does not charge anything to investors for lending their money.


To start investing you have to know the products that exist

Through crowdlending, you can invest in business loans and obtain a return. But we can find several different products, so we explain how to invest in each of them.

Profitable investments

This type of investment is what you will find the most when investing in crowdlending. It has the following characteristics:

  • The term from 1 to 5 years
  • Refund through monthly installments
  • Guarantee of the partners or interested parties
  • Profitability of between 6 and 15% per year

Guaranteed investments

This type of operations is the safest that exist when investing in crowdlending. These guaranteed investments have the following characteristics:

  • 3-year term
  • Refund in monthly installments
  • Guarantee and guarantee of a Reciprocal Guarantee Company
  • Guaranteed profitability of 2% + Euribor (if the Euribor is negative, 0% is applied)

These types of investments are only available at MytripleA so far.

Short-term investments with high profitability

This is what we call investments with high profitability and measured risk. It can resemble a factoring product. These investments have the following characteristics:

  • Short term. From 1 to 12 months
  • The refund can be given at expiration or through monthly installments
  • You can have some type of insurance (in the case of MytripleA the operations have a credit insurance)


Sign up on the platform to start investing

Sign up on the platform to start investing

If you opt for a platform like MytripleA the registration is completely free and in just a few minutes you will have completed it. From that moment you simply have to send by email, by WhatsApp or upload yourself to your profile, a photograph of your ID and another of a bank receipt.


To start investing in crowdlending you have to choose a loan or company to lend your money to

To start investing in crowdlending you have to choose a loan or company to lend your money to

Without loans or financing requested by companies, crowdlending does not make sense. There must be companies requesting financing so that there are investors who lend their money and companies with financing needs in our country, there are many.

In the Market section, you will see the companies that have passed the risk study and are currently raising funds. In MytripleA you can choose between investments with greater profitability and measured risk or guaranteed investments.

In each application, you will find economic and financial information of the company, evolution, sector, description … and also an explanation of why you need the money. Thus, in addition, you will have the satisfaction of knowing in what your money is being used.

You simply must indicate the amount you want to invest ( you can invest from € 50 in each of the operations). As soon as the requested amount is completed, the loan is signed and you start generating profitability.

Example. A company requests € 50,000 to expand its ship with a 3-year return period with monthly installments. An investor lends € 50, another € 1,000, another € 2,500, another € 100 … so until the amount requested is completed. Therefore, there can be many investors on the same loan.

From that moment you will start receiving the fees in your MytripleA account, which contain capital and interest. Those amounts can:

  • Reinvest them in other loans and thus multiply the profitability
  • Keep in your MytripleA account until investing in the project that interests you
  • Withdraw it to your bank account at no cost


Start investing and get the maximum benefit

Start investing and get the maximum benefit

The diversification

The main objective will be to obtain the maximum benefit from our investments. To do this, when investing in crowdlending we must take into account the product in which it is invested and, depending on it, the diversification.

If you opt for the most profitable product and risk measured or for the product of factoring, you must take into account the importance of diversification. Taking into account the amount you want to invest in these products, divide that amount between different products and companies to minimize the risk, so your portfolio will hardly be damaged if any of the projects go into default.

If, on the other hand, you opt for guaranteed investments, diversification is not necessary to obtain higher credit quality levels since it is a guaranteed investment.


It is also important to know about this concept. Most crowdlending projects offer monthly rewards, that is, you will recover capital and interest month after month. If those amounts that you recover monthly reinvest in other loans, your profitability will be multiplied.

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Vulture funds start to buy the photovoltaic plants in the ruin

Vulture funds start to buy the photovoltaic plants in the ruin

Very aggressive investment funds have begun to buy the small photovoltaic plants from owners on the verge of bankruptcy who can not cope with the repayment of the loans after the cuts of aid that this source of clean energy has suffered. Most of these small and medium-sized Spanish producers of photovoltaic solar energy have had to mortgage their homes to face bank loans. And now, in a moment of desperation, many have started selling their plants at “ridiculous” prices (depending on the sector) in exchange for preventing banks from executing the personal guarantees granted in their day.

“Vulture funds are after us. Many small and medium-sized investments can not repay loans and are opting to sell their facility in exchange for losing sight of the debt with the bank, “says Juan Castro-Gil, a lawyer with the National Association of Photovoltaic Producers (Anpier), which brings together interests of 60,000 affected, according to this association. Anpier admits in the last weeks 60 partners have been discharged from the association, of which 14 have expressly admitted that the reason was the sale of their facilities.

Castro-Gil speaks of true “harassment” by unscrupulous intermediaries who make offers to take over these photovoltaic plants that represent the brilliant bet of solar energy in Spain until 2008. Today, however, all of them, in red , they feel like the “forgotten preferentists”.

Unpayable Credits

The small promoters must sell because they assumed bank loans that accounted for 80% of the investment, without being able to return them due to the cut in compensation or premiums (up to 50%) ordered by the Government in its electrical reform. In these years they have obtained income from the sale of the electricity generated, “but the remuneration does not allow them to pay the credit”.

Let’s take a representative example: that of an investor who made a contribution of 50,000 euros in a total investment of 250,000 euros (in a plant in Lleida, 25 kW with solar tracking, for example). This person charged – before the premium cuts about 20,000 gross euros a year for the sale of electricity; but now, after the energy reform (discounting maintenance costs, taxes and others), he only receives 11,500 euros a year while he has to pay 16,000 euros a year to repay the loan.

Sources from Anpier point out that the offers they receive to sell often come from banks, which “are the ones behind many proposals”. “The banks give the plant to these investors in very good conditions; even making them removes. Therefore, we ask ourselves: why do not they do it to us? They shun the answer, “says Castro-Gil.

Other photovoltaic savers, on the other hand, thanks to the help of relatives or relatives, have been able to make repayments, reduce the weight of the debt and delay the dreaded decision; but an untenable situation has finally led them to abdicate and renounce their plant.

Cuts to exhaustion

Cuts to exhaustion

This sector has suffered drastic cuts in the retribution of the kilowatt hour produced, because of the Government’s energy reform, which they consider unfair and which violates legal security. That is why they have submitted hundreds of claims before the Supreme Court that they hope to win. In 2010, they underwent a first cut, which reduced premiums by 30% in three years, and, in addition, in 2013, another discount of up to 50% was applied for larger facilities and in sunny areas, while that the average suffered a reduction of between 25% and 35%, according to Juan Castro-Gil.

The partners of Anpier explain that they regularly receive offers from individuals and intermediaries who know the situation in which these facilities are located and wish to acquire their plant at a low price with the expectation of being able to obtain income from the sale of electricity for the rest of the useful life of the plant. For these vulture funds, the advantage is that they acquire the plant at a low price, with the expectation of exploiting it for another 20 years, and benefit from future favorable judgments that give them reason (when litigation is resolved). The representatives of the vulture funds are especially interested in knowing the identification of the type of new remuneration that has been assigned to the Ministry of Industry (to know the income they will have).

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Julián Muñoz condemned for irregularities in municipal assignments for advice



The Audiencia of Malaga has condemned the former mayor of the Malaga town of Marbella Julián Muñoz to six months in prison for irregularities in the City Council’s orders for advisory services. It also condemns a lawyer and also the person in charge of one of the municipal companies; while he absolves the exediles Alberto García and Antonio Luque.

These alleged irregularities were detected in an audit report of the Court of Accounts that analyzed the municipal companies of Marbella, including Control of Local Services, through which these contracts were made. From there, came the case ‘Minutes’, for which the lawyer José María del Nido was convicted, and also this separate piece, called ‘Minutes II’.

According to the judgment of the Second Section, Muñoz is condemned for a continuous crime of administrative prevarication, in a medial contest with another continuous misappropriation, applying the circumstances that mitigate the penalty of undue delay and reparation of the damage. In addition to the prison sentence, five years of disqualification for public employment or office are imposed.

A person responsible for the aforementioned company, Modesto Perodia, is sentenced for the same offenses and with the same mitigating factors to one year and eight months in prison and disqualification for six years for public employment or office; while the lawyer collaborating with Del Nido’s office, Laura Sánchez, who acknowledged the facts at the beginning of the trial, is sentenced to 23 months in prison for a continuing offense of misrepresentation in bankruptcy with another of malfeasance.

In the case of the latter, it is agreed to suspend the imposed prison sentence for a term of four years, which is conditional on the accused not committing crimes during that period.

As for civil liability, it is noted that the three convicted will jointly pay the City of Marbella the amount of 218,763.11 euros, although it is specified that this amount is already recorded in court; while, in addition, Muñoz and Perodia are urged to pay jointly to the Consistory the amount of 198.213 euros.

The Chamber considers proven that the City of Marbella “did not exercise the function of financial control, nor demanded the justification of the employment given to the transfers made by said entities, nor the origin of the debts assumed by them,” pointing out that these companies ” made payments with bearer or cash heels for large amounts, without there being control procedures. “

From the triple control of the municipal mercantile companies, which the legislation foresees, “there was no intervention for the ones that were previously held by the City Council of Marbella, but it was carried out a posteriori, through financial control and effectiveness”. In fact, the plenary session “had no information or exercised any control over the economic management of municipal activities in general and of commercial companies in particular.”

Thus, it is concluded that Muñoz and Perodia, “taking advantage of the opacity and lack of effective controls of municipal societies,” from the year 2000 “channeled payments for legal services, mainly related to the audit by the Court of Accounts of the City Council, to through said entity, to which powers and powers of hiring were attributed not properly contemplated in the corporate purpose “.

Specifically, from the Control of Local Services society, says the resolution, “was channeled without effective control the payment of minutes to the convicted lawyer,” the invoices issued by another deceased person and a law firm, which responds in solidarity with the defendants of the payment of the amount of 20,915.22 euros as participant for profit.

These payments were made “with funds from the City Council, materialized by means of heels and, as of April 2002, by means of bank transfers corresponding to the amount agreed on a monthly basis”. When the Mayor’s authorization came, “it was difficult to make reparation from the intervention or treasury,” the Court indicated, noting that no files were processed to hire the lawyer.

Thus, it is pointed out that in April 2000, “a contract for the leasing of services was signed for the purpose of unjust enrichment at the expense of the municipal treasury” between Muñoz and the lawyer, “in which, with the generic concept of ‘to represent, direct , defend, manage and advise said company and with a five-year duration ‘, until May 2005, a clearly abusive and unjustified monthly remuneration was set for an amount of 5,108.60 euros per month. “

The Chamber notes the minutes that were paid to the lawyer, as well as that “his professional intervention was limited to acting in collaboration or support of the head of his office”, José María del Nido, in the audit of the Court of Accounts of the City of Marbella, “services for which the aforementioned had been irregularly hired and for which he turned and charged large and millions” amounts, as proved in the judgment of the case ‘Minutes’.

Regarding the then councilors of Finance, Antonio Luque and Alberto Garcia, the Court considers that with regard to these payments “they had no obligation to verify the performance of the benefit whose payment was requested, it was enough that there was application and budget” not having been accredited that the exediles cooperated with the other convicted defendants, for which it acquits them.


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